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Ronald Tracy

Ronald Tracy
In office
March 9, 2081 - April 13, 2084
Vice President
Succeeded by
In office
March 10, 2069 - March 12, 2073
Vice President
Preceded by
In office
September 5, 2042 - April 13, 2084
Preceded by
Office established
Personal details
April 2, 1999
New York City, United States
April 13, 2084
Cause of death
Political party
Ronald Tracy was a North American businessman and politician, founding the mega multi-planetary corporation Corporate Industries in 2042 and serving as both the 3rd and 5th president of United Earth. He is known for his wide ranging business dealings, his involvement in the infamous Deimos Incident, and various bribery and corruption scandals throughout his career. On April 13, 2084 while campaigning for a 3rd term for President of United Earth during the Presidential Election of 2084, he was assassinated by Frank Munson, an escaped convict working in conjunction with the League of Independent States.
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