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January 8, 2080
Destroyed on April 12, 2084 with all hands lost
The Pegasus was a Galactic Freight Heavy Hauler class star freighter working the profitable Lunar Run route between Earth and the Moon in the early 2080's. Captain Wurm and all hands were lost on April 12, 2084 when the ship was infiltrated and destroyed by Frank Munson, a mercenary soldier working for the League of Independent States.

Construction and Commission

The Pegasus was constructed by Red Satellite Drive Yards in 2079 and purchased by Galactic Freight in December of that year. Command was given to Galactic Freight Captain Reginald Wurmzhinsky (Wurm) and the ship was assigned to the lucrative Lunar Run route, transporting everything from food, to supplies, to prisoners between Earth and the Moon. Transport operations began on January 8, 2080.


On April 12, 2084, an escaped prisoner from the Lunar 3 maximum security prison named Frank Munson was able to teleport onto the Pegasus undetected. Starting on the lower decks of the ship and working his way up, Munson caught the crew largely off-guard, and Captain Wurm was not even made aware of his presence until Munson helped instigate a riot in the mess hall outside the ship's brig.

Pegasus Mess Hall Riot
When Munson arrived on the ship's bridge, he found Captain Wurm seemingly alone and defenseless. Wurm initially attempted to negotiate some sort of truce with Munson, but the negotiation turned out to be a stall tactic while another contingent of Galactic Freight personnel rearmed and regrouped for their final assault on Munson.

After the Pegasus crew's counterattack on Munson failed, Munson and Wurm were left as the only two remaining survivors on the ship. Wurm, lacking arms, legs, or a functioning body due to his severe injuries during the Deimos Incident, saw the writing on the wall and activated his own self-destruct mechanism. With Wurm and the rest of the Pegasus crew dead, Munson then set the Pegasus on a collision course with the orbital receiving terminal for the Vancouver Space Elevator. Munson teleported to the Earth's surface moments before the collision, which destroyed both the Pegasus and the space elevator.


The destruction of the Pegasus was notable in that in marked the death of two former United Earth Space Marines who were participants in the famed Deimos Incident, one being Captain Wurm, and the other being Dogface Boy, who was murdered by Munson during his escape from Lunar 3.

The loss of the Vancouver Space Elevator inflicted a heavy financial blow to the Galactic Freight corporation, which had been largely neutral in the ongoing war between United Earth and the League of Independent States. As a result of the incident, Galactic Freight halted all shipments to Terra Nova, the principle planet of the League.

Most consequentially, the Pegasus was inadvertently responsible for transporting Frank Munson from the Moon to Earth, who ultimately ended up carrying out the Assassination of Ronald Tracy on April 13, 2084, the day following the ship's destruction.

The assassination of the President and the destruction of the Space Elevator frightened and shocked the United Earth General Assembly, which was already quietly trying to find an exit strategy for the ongoing costly wars with the League of Independent States, the Alpha Draconians, and the Zolarg Empire. The series of events became known throughout the United Earth territories as the Two Days of Darkness, and the intense public outrage meant that the General Assembly could no longer sign an outright peace accord with the L.I.S., delaying peace by several months until the Armistice of Hoxton could be signed following United Earth's decisive victory over the L.I.S. following the Battle of Kaisergrounds.

My Colony Universe

The Pegasus was the primary setting for the second episode of the 2018 Ape Apps First Person Shooter title Death 3D.
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