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President of United Earth

The president of United Earth (POUE) is the head of state and head of government of United Earth, as well as the chairman of the United Earth General Assembly and the commander-in-chief of the United Earth Military. The most powerful position in United Earth government, the president is elected to a four year term during the United Earth General Election by popular vote. There are no legally established term limits for the office of the president of United Earth, although a two term precident was set by first office holder Scott Wilson.

The president serves along side the Vice President of United Earth, who is elected on the same ticket as the president and serves as the chief deputy and advisor to the presidency, as well as the official spokesman for the president on the floor of the General Assembly.

List of presidents

# Name Start End Party
1 Scott Wilson March 11, 2057 March 8, 2065 Independent
2 Andrea DeSoto March 8, 2065 March 10, 2069 Peoples Party
3 Ronald Tracy March 10, 2069 March 12, 2073 Corporate Socialists
4 Chester Figglesworth March 12, 2073 March 9, 2081 Peoples Party
5 Ronald Tracy March 9, 2081 April 13, 2084 Corporate Socialists
6 Robert Montgomery April 13, 2084 March 13, 2089 Corporate Socialists
7 Sarge March 13, 2089 March 8, 2093 Independent
8 Staci Adams March 8, 2093 Corporate Socialists
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