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Deimos is an old school style role playing adventure game based on the Level Up! RPG engine. You and a team of Marines must travel to the Martian moon of Deimos and investigate recent events at a science station. Progress through the game by making choices, fighting and killing enemies, and collecting powerful items and weapons that will help you along the way.

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Follow the adventures of Sarge, Arms McGee, Staci Adams, Dogface Boy, and Wurm as they uncover the secrets of the Deimos Incident in this linear sci-fi RPG that gave birth to the entire My Colony Universe of games and content! Find download links for all platforms and after you've played the game, check out the official comic adaptation!

Sometimes you just want a quick game that you can pick up and play, and then put back down again on a moments notice. That's what Deimos RPG by Ape Apps is all about. Designed to be easy to learn (and kind of easy to master too), Deimos is the perfect free roleplaying game for when you are sitting in the doctors office waiting for them to call your name. And the best part is, it's great for kids and adults of all ages!

There is also a hit sequel called Deimos 2 End of the Earth, so be sure to play that one after you beat this game! And be sure to check out the original Level Up RPG and the hit Ninja Level Up game!